Signs he is not in love with you — He is Obsessed

It is one of the best feelings when you have that someone special by your side always, someone you can care about and who cares about you. That one person who accepts you the way you are and gives you the support and unconditional love you deserve is everything. It feels when you know that they are your huge fans and greatest admirer. But have you ever thought that how much attention is good? Do you have any idea that is getting toxic? What happens when you begin to feel suffocating? How do you feel when it happens? Do you feel you have got trapped? Unfortunately, if the answers for all of these questions are yes then your man has become obsessed with you. The love you used to feel has become a frustration and suffocation now and his caring for you is now a stalking. Now doubt that it is obnoxiousness but it also can be very dangerous for you. It can lead to worsen the situation really badly like he can turn your peace into disturbing one, control you and manipulate your behavior so that he can be around you all the time. If you are feeling these signs in your relationship then maybe because you are falling out of love and finding reasons for leaving him. In such case, you will find everything wrong in him but there are numerous signs that can help you in understanding that he has got obsessed with you. You need to know the signs for confirming that the relationship has got toxic now and you need to come out of this relationship. You must know that you deserve happiness and you don’t have to fix the people who cannot be fixed up with their problems. We are here to help you dealing with the behavior that is borderline toxic you just have to keep on reading the signs that we are going to discuss:

He is too clingy

I understand that how nice it feels when he makes sure spending time with you at the initial period of your relationship. You just have started to know each other and when he gives you time that is the time when you feel special. But sometimes it is important to end it because he is required to understand that you have your life as well and that you need your personal space as well. If he is not letting you spend time with your friends and family is for sure obsessed with you. This sort of relationship is not healthy and it is important for you to burn the bridges before it gets too late.

He bombs with the messages

It is good to get a morning message from your sweetheart but if it doesn’t stop then it is not love it is obsession. If you are getting the messages after every one hour then it gets problematic for you because every time you can never reply him. It is important that he should understand this fact and should give you your own space. If he doesn’t understand that why you did not message then trust me he is obsessed with you and you need to come out of the relationship as soon as possible otherwise you wouldn’t be able to come out of this because he won’t let you do that.

He stalks you

This again is the issue because if he is stalking wherever you go then he is obsessed with you and don’t trust you at all. You need to understand that when you love a person stalking is never appreciable and if he does that then either he is obsessed or completely a psychopath. You should keep a note of that so that you can take a hard step for this relationship.



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