When I met a Delhi Escort accidentally

delhi escortMy name is Sahil and I am a very good looking, tall and handsome guy. I have an athletic physique and I daily go to the gym. One day I was working out in a gym and I saw a beautiful girl working out in the gym. I kept looking at her and she saw me staring at her and she smiled at me. I just walked towards her and introduced myself and we started talking. We both became friends and soon enough we got closer. I told her that I have slept with many girls and she said that by my looks it is obvious. She also said that she had also slept with many boys but she got paid for it too. I was shocked to know that she is an escort in Delhi but soon I realized that this is quite normal these days. She convinced me by telling about many girls which are escort just like her and earn lot money by being a Delhi escort.

For me this was a different experience totally as I never had thought that escorts would not look like escorts. She was beautiful but simple at the same time, just like any other girl. I asked her why she chose to become an escort. And when she did become one?

She told me her story that she is a friend with many high profile models who are escorts and associated with an agency. She said that they do not consider being an escort in Delhi to be wrong and they are very happy with their current job as they make a lot of money and then they travel and enjoy with this money. I wanted to know is she joking with me or seriously she is an escort. So I said that I want to avail your services. She had no option so she said yes, when do you want it?

I said I want it tonight. She said ok I will come to your home tonight for dinner. There was a knock at my door at 8 pm. It was her and I got stunned when I opened the door. She was looking a slayer. She had killed me with her first look. She was wearing an amazing black color dress in which she was looking super hot. When she entered home we talked for few minutes then we both went to the dining table for dinner. While eating she started asking me questions? What would you do if I had not told you about me being a Delhi escort? I told her that I would have then maybe proposed you someday as I am attracted towards you. She asked if I do not let you touch me today what you will do. I said I will not do anything then, you can leave whenever you want. I will be sure that you are not an escort then. After dinner I offered her some ice cream. She took her ice cream and dropped it on my chest. Then she started licking the ice cream on my chest. OH MAN! It felt wonderful. I was feeling good. She then started teasing me and I was enjoying all the things she was doing with me. She then removed my pants and could see the tent and then she placed her hand over it. I closed my eyes and asked her to take it out but she didn’t. Instead she sat on it and starting moving and rubbing it with her fine ass. I was able to feel that my gun was loaded. I asked her to kiss it but she denied and asked me to shut up and let her do what she wants.

I exploded after few minutes and after that also we had so much fun. It was all amazing. I felt wonderful and could easily tell that this type of activities and the physical power proves that she was a Delhi escort. She gave me amazing orgasm that night which I cannot forget my whole life. She is well trained and experienced. I wish other escort agencies in Delhi also had escorts like that but no other escorts can match the standard and the level of pleasure she gave me. She comes very often now whenever I ask her to come. I have also had fun with her friends who are also Delhi escorts. They are also very beautiful and hot girls. I would like to really hire them whenever I would like to have fun. These Delhi escorts are really jolly and fun loving. We party together and dance also. We go out to enjoy and we also go on a trip together. Life is so much fun these days and this is all because of these escorts.

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